Digital Receipts

Updated: Mar 15, 2018

Idea submitted by: Michael Davidson - Biotechnology

The college can implement digital receipts on campus. Everyday students make hundreds, if not thousands, of purchases on campus. The receipts generated from these transactions are often printed needlessly and exist to be discarded, thus wasting paper. However, if Mohawk used digital receipts, there would no longer be waste produced.

For example, after a transaction, students would be able to (a) decline to receive a receipt with no wasted paper or (b) the student could choose to receive a receipt, enter their student number on the key pad. The student number would then be paired with their Mohawk email and the receipt would be emailed to them. This would also allow students keep an digital bank of receipts and help them stay organised.

This idea will help with sustainability on campus by reducing the amount of wasted paper on campus, saving trees and money for Mohawk College.

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