Waste Stations + Waste Signage

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Idea submitted by: Dexter Benitez - Business Admin - Human Resources

Having paper/cardboard, plastic/glass, garbage, compost stations and any other recycling options on campus included in one area around all food locations on campus would assist in diversion as it would give students one area where they have to go to dispose of their lunch items. Also in this area, signage with partial listing of what can/can't go in. I see so many coffee cups from Tim's and Starbucks go in 'recycling' when they should be placed in waste. To have waste, paper/cardboard, and bottles/glass disposal units (bins) where all waste bins are currently located. For example, at Starbucks, only a garbage/waste bin is present. If you were to make a sign above the bins near the food retailer that had all of the garbage items they sell posted above the garbage and recycling to show where it goes.

Waste diversion and increased recycling

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