Green Cleaning Products

Idea submitted by: Bronwyn Andrews - Office Administration-Health Services

I think Mohawk should consider switching to green/eco-friendly cleaning products. 1 out of 3 cleaning products contains ingredients known to cause human and environmental problems. Therefore, our school should avoid using products that contain: bleach or ammonia, are "hazardous", "flammable", or "poisonous", and have phthalates or heavy metals. If we continue to use the non green products the chemicals inside them could lead to; cancer, asthma, genetic mutations, skin sensitivity, or chemical burns. Due to these reasons I am saying NO to toxic cleaning products

Switching to eco-friendly products will; provide us with a healthier school (ie. no longer will there be chemicals absorbed into skin or inhaled), this will also give our school better air quality, and lately, it will give us more knowledge of what ingredients are being used to clean surfaces in our school.

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