Reuse Treasures

Updated: Mar 15, 2018

Idea submitted by:- Jasmine Hwangbo - Massage Therapy

The College should host an open "garage sale" day for students who want to bring a few items to sell to other students, which could include textbooks and other school-related tools, clothing, home goods, decor, tech-gear, basically things that another person could make more use out of. Seller or buyer could also decide if or if not a portion of money raised/spent should go back into the SIF or possibly a NFP organization of choice.

Rather than having students spend money on new items that could cost more than they have in their budget, would promote the idea of reusing a perfectly good item that someone else no longer has the use for. This would benefit both parties (seller and buyer) and would also help socialize students with their peers! These "marketplaces" are available online, but having an On-Campus or in-person component which would also help both parties gain trust in the transaction and product.

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