"Snack Hour"

Idea submitted by:- Jasmine Hwangbo - Massage Therapy

Do you remember being in elementary school (early 2000's) and teachers, parents and volunteers would cut up fresh fruits and vegetables and deliver them to classrooms? THIS is something what we should have. Not only will this provide a nice break from stressful class/study time, but provide a healthy snack as well. Could be as simple as some fruit options, perhaps yogurt or granola bars, but something to brighten up student days and offer a healthy (and locally sourced if possible to support local farmers and reduce footprint). Could be free for students, or charge a small cash fee.

Not only will this make for happy students, but help our local farmers as well. All waste products from this movement will also be properly composted and recycled, however most of the production should not equate to much waste/garbage, but all be fruit and vegetable peels or recyclable material.

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