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Idea submitted by: Joanna Luu - Mechanical Engineering Technology

(Look into Carrot Rewards as an example)

As a Mohawk Student, and a millennial, I think a great way to bring awareness to SIF is through an app. I am an active user of the Carrot Rewards app, which is an amazing app that rewards users in points when they complete certain quizzes that are about the environment, healthy lifestyle choices, as well as mental health awareness.

Basing the SIF app on the Carrot Rewards app, we can bring awareness to students by quizzing them about their environment (Hamilton and GTA), about how they could change their lifestyle choices like recycling, eating less meat, and taking alternative public transit instead of driving. This app could really change the perspective of the student body, as well as bring enough awareness to make a big change at Mohawk, as well as provincially and possibly through the country as well. We can reward students with coupons, points towards food and beverage, or money on their one card. This app could hold contests such as this "Submit an Idea" contest in order to reward students for voicing their opinions and participating through the app. Also refer to classical and operant conditioning by Pavlov. It's a proven theory that if we reward students for doing their part, the awareness will grow exponentially

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