Textbooks for Change Drop Off

Idea submitted by:- Melina Passalent - Autism and Behavioural Science

Many universities and colleges in Ontario are involved with an initiative called Textbooks for Change. When a student has a textbook they no longer use or need, they can drop it off in one of the drop off bins. The textbooks are then collected and either recirculated around the country at affordable prices, or are donated to libraries in Africa. Any textbooks that can't be used or are too old are recycled! This is a great initiative that encourages education and sustainability of our earth. I have looked to see if Mohawk has a Textbooks for Change drop off, but we do not have one currently. For more information about the initiative you can visit textbooksforchange.com

Unused textbooks are frequently held onto by students and then dumped in the trash. We can do something about that! Textbooks for Change not only recycles unused textbooks so that they're not put in the landfill as trash, but they also foster educational growth within our country by selling the books at affordable prices, or by donating them to libraries in African countries. This is a win-win situation in every aspect! As Mohawk College values education and sustainability, I believe that this is the perfect initiative that addresses both values.

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