What is the Sustainability Initiatives Fund (SIF)?


The purpose of the Sustainability Initiatives Fund (SIF) is to provide all Mohawk College students with opportunities to gain sustainability skills and knowledge. By learning and implementing sustainability principles and practices, Mohawk students will help foster an environmentally conscious learning and working environment, and contribute to Mohawk’s leadership in sustainability.

What does sustainability mean to us?

To us, it is an improved quality of life and long-term environmental and financial resiliency on campus and within the Hamilton community.


What is the SIF Committee?


The SIF Committee supports the promotion of sustainability at Mohawk College through collaborative and student-led initiatives on campus.

In the spirit of collaboration, The SIF Committee is made up of three students and three college staff, with six members in total. Together, they set the direction and work plan for the SIF. They also select the winning ideas in the Idea Bank.

The Sustainability Initiatives Fund Committee was formed in 2014 following the creation of the SIF Agreement between Mohawk College and the Mohawk Students’ Association (MSA).

Past Projects & Student Ideas

Mohawk Farmstand


The Mohawk College Farmstand opened in September 2014 to great success. From July through November each year, students and staff can buy from local farmers through our partnership with 100KM Foods, Inc. The Mohawk College Farmstand brings local, healthy food options to students and staff in the most convenient way possible.

Community Garden


The Mohawk College Community Garden is a space where students can actively learn how to garden. Started in 2013 the garden has expanded from seven plots to 49.The community garden provides every tool needed to grow a successful garden for free.

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If you are interested in learning more, take a look at the two documents below.

Sustainability Initiatives Fund

Terms of Reference

Sustainability Initiatives Fund


What’s the difference between the Idea Bank and Microgrants?


SIF Idea Bank

Mohawk students with a great idea on how to make the campus more sustainable, can submit their idea to the SIF Idea Bank. The winning idea is selected each semester by the SIF Committee and then implemented on campus. The student with the winning idea is given $500! The Idea Bank is open from September – March each year.

Learn more about the SIF Idea Bank here.

SIF Microgrants

If you’re a current Mohawk student who needs funding for a sustainability project or an off-campus educational opportunity (such as a conference, work placement, etc.), you can apply for funding of up to $1,000. Applications are accepted throughout the year.

Learn more about the SIF Microgrants here.

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