Idea Bank Guidelines

Guidelines for Submitting an Idea

The SIF Idea Bank is where Mohawk students submit their ideas for sustainability projects to implement on campus. The best ideas are for projects that enhance the student experience while reducing Mohawk’s environmental impact.

Before submitting an idea to the Sustainability Initiatives Fund Idea Bank, you must agree to the following terms:


1. Once you submit an idea, it becomes the property of Mohawk College, with credit given to the student.

2. Mohawk’s Office of Campus Sustainability and Climate Change (a.k.a. “Mohawk Sustainability”) will review all submissions before publishing them online.

3. Mohawk Sustainability will choose the best ideas to be presented to the SIF Committee. Short-list selections will be evaluated based on the Ranking Criteria.

4. The top ideas will be presented to the SIF Committee. These ideas will be judged for implementation for the following year.


5. Mohawk Sustainability reserves the rights to refuse submission of any idea that does not adhere to the purpose or nature of this contest, and the goals of the Sustainability Initiatives Fund.

6.  The decision of the SIF Committee is final. Mohawk Sustainability reserves the right to refuse any submission. There will be no appeal to the decision and there will be no obligation on the part of the SIF Committee, MSA or Mohawk Sustainability to provide reason for selection or non-selection of entries.

What Makes an Idea the Best?

The following ranking matrix below will be applied by Mohawk Sustainability to all ideas submitted. A final review by the Sustainability Initiatives Fund Committee will be made for the selection of the top ideas for future implementation.

Ranking Category


Ranking Value

Alignment with Sustainability

Initiatives Fund Agreement

Does the idea support the foundations of the Sustainability Initiatives Fee Agreement between the College & the MSA?


Environmental Impact

Will the idea significantly reduce the College's environmental impact?


Practicality & Feasibility


Is the idea practical to implement?

Are there barriers that could prevent implementation or success (laws, location, etc.)?

Is it feasible to implement within the limits of the Sustainability Initiatives Fund?

Student Engagement &


Will this idea support engagement and/or learning experiences related to campus sustainability?


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