Gardening Basics Workshops

Idea submitted by: Anshita Anshita - Computer System Technician - Network Systems

Mini workshops that will help students learn the basics of gardening with some hands-on experience. Example, what types of plants we can keep inside our homes, what can we grow ourselves with some practice on taking care of it. Maybe we can allocate a room for the project and with the workshops we will grow some stuff and plants and later we can donate whatever is produced to food charities. This way we will learn a lot of things and it will help us in later lives. Also brief discussion on nutrition, balanced diet and healthy eating can be incorporated and we can all together spread awareness about it in the college. Even the government is taking initiative and giving food guidelines to have a healthier Canada. If we can somehow engage students they will later in their lives practice it themselves, teach their kids, tell their neighbors, suggest their parents and this will be a small yet big contribution by Mohawk college in make Canada happy and healthy.

A lot of students like me want to grow their own vegetables/plants whatever is possible but we do not have any idea what we can do based on the area we have (small apartments), environment and many other factor, so any events that will probably help us get some basics on gardening and therefore connecting to nature can help us a lot. Although google has an abundance of information but it can be over whelming sometimes.


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