Sustainable Fashion Show

Idea submitted by: Kathy Huynh - Mechanical Engineering Technology

The idea of the fashion show is to encourage thrifting, recycling gently used clothing, and helping those in need. It will display clothes that have been gently used for recycling during the preshow. The fashion show will have a runway with models (volunteers) displaying items to be given/bought. During the show, viewers may have the option to bid on items they like similarly to an auction. If there are clothes remaining they will be donated to those in need. There will be workshops leading up to the event on how to recycle clothes (making new clothes from old clothes), events to get donations, and community involvement.

This idea will teach students, staff, and the community to be more aware of the waste management in the clothing industry. There are tons of waste produced by fast fashion and materials being thrown away. We should focus on organically sourced materials and the idea of recycle, reuse, reduce.


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